Tempo Documentary Festival teams up with Hyper Island to invite You to be part of the exciting third edition of Hi-Tempo on the 5-6 of March 2016: A Weekend of Rapid Prototyping of Transmedia Storytelling.

During these two days we will stretch and bend every rule about documentary storytelling in order to answer the question: How can transmedia activate your audience into becoming change makers and rebalance the (political) inequalities in the world?

The agenda for the workshop will be to build a transmedia project around the festival’s theme of ”Power", using available and accessible platforms and technology to create an immersive and interactive story. During this challenging process we will be carefully guided by our own experts Jeffrey Corrado (Hyper Island) and Alex Pearson (Red Thread Media) who will ensure that we stay safe and happy as we dive into uncharted territory.


The results of the workshop will be presented in front of a panel of experts as well as the festival audience during the Tempo Documentary Festival transmedia sessions on the 8th of March. Every group will, during this session get the chance to get valuable constructive feedback from some of the leading transmedia experts in Sweden.

Questions? Contact us at transmedia@tempofestival.se

If you want to read more about last year's hack, have a look here!

5-6 March 2016

At Hyper Island in Telefonplan.


To be announced


Hi-Tempo is a creative workshop. The aim is to see how much you can achieve with the brief and present a concrete prototype during the festival. We expect you to come with an open mind and to use all your skills so that these prototypes can be as inventive and awesome as possible!

You will be expected to deliver:

  • 1-2 minute long video to be shared during the Transmedia presentation of the Tempo Documentary Film Festival on Tuesday.
  • Your concept should be in PDF form by Sunday, but each group will be able to work on their video on Monday.
  • 1-2 members of each group should be available to represent during the presentations on Tuesday.


Sign up with your contact information and a little info about what you’ll bring to the table. After Feb 17th you’ll receive an invitation email if you have received your seat, which you need to confirm with us. This is due to the limited number of available seats. So, what are you waiting for? Register now!

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